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Synonyms for tranquillising

tending to soothe or tranquilize

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the wildlife officials came and captured the leopard after tranquillising it.
Police and vets ruled that tranquillising the beast would be too risky as the drugs could take time to work.
THE jury at the Old Bailey yesterday heard how police mistakenly believed that they had discovered ACP (a tranquillising drug that was alleged to have been used to dope horses) at Jamie Osborne's home on the morning of his arrest in January, 1998.
And if you have difficulty sleeping, pop a passion fruit, which has a mild tranquillising effect on the body.
Tranquillising guns sedated the 650lb animals before they were rolled into huge cargo nets.
A vet with a tranquillising dart gun sedated the bullock and he was driven back to the abbatoir.