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Then the pair are tranquillised and taken from Canada to a national park in Idaho.
According to sources, the leopard managed to stay afloat in the 40 feet deep well before being tranquillised and slowly lifted up in a net.
Kerry Sparrow claimed she was heavily tranquillised when she gave a statement to the police.
Another marksman, who has worked for Ministry culling teams over recent weeks, said that a shotgun was "completely the wrong weapon to use - those animals should have been tranquillised in the barn and dealt with using a humane killer," he said.
The animal fled after attacking the ranger in Prakash Nagar in the Assam region but it was tracked down nearby and tranquillised.
The leopard reportedly entered the residential area during the early morning, and it reportedly mauled a local before being tranquillised and captured by the wildlife officials.
A TRANQUILLISED elephant is winched aboard a recovery vehicle as rescuers evacuate elephants persecuted in humanelephant conflict in the southern African country of Malawi.
Then elephants presented Danny with a problem - but that was nothing compared to the rumpus that erupted when an old flame turned up with a tranquillised lioness.
Saddam was tranquillised when captured,' she said in an interview with the Dubai Al-Arabiya television station.
It is believed the deer had been tranquillised with the drugs.
In a rescue operation that lasted for nearly four hours, the leopard was tranquillised and then trapped in a cage.
Experts rushed to a closed airport hangar and tranquillised both animals and took them back to the zoo.
He will be given a 30-day reprieve because animals can't be slaughtered for a month after they've been tranquillised.
One of the chimps was shot by marksmen and the other tranquillised in the incident.
Firefighters drained the water and lifted the animal out after it was tranquillised by a vet.