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Experts were trying to tranquillise the animals and asked residents to stay indoors and not throw stones at them.
An order has been issued either to tranquillise and cage the man-eater or, if it is not possible, to kill it," said P.
Emma, her family and helicopter pilot LJ pursue a giraffe in the hope of being able to tranquillise it.
Keepers tried to tranquillise the animals but their heavy layers of fat meant darts failed to penetrate.
Dubbed The Whitten Sand Six, the breakaway herd proved elusive and all morning dodged RSPCA inspectors who had sailed to the island to tranquillise the animals before they were airlifted to the mainland by RAF helicopter
WARSAW: A vet trying to tranquillise an escaped circus tiger running loose in Warsaw yesterday was shot dead when police fired to stop the big cat from attacking him.
You're a member of the Dino Defenders and must trap or tranquillise the rampaging creatures.