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Synonyms for tranquility

a disposition free from stress or emotion

an untroubled state

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The sea was roaring hollowly in the distance, the fields were bare and sere, scarfed with golden rod, the brook valley below Green Gables overflowed with asters of ethereal purple, and the Lake of Shining Waters was blue -- blue -- blue; not the changeful blue of spring, nor the pale azure of summer, but a clear, steadfast, serene blue, as if the water were past all moods and tenses of emotion and had settled down to a tranquility unbroken by fickle dreams.
Never before had such an unruly burst of noises invaded the tranquility of Miss Pink's villa!
The four railways from Philadelphia and Washington, Harrisburg and Wheeling, which converge at Baltimore, whirled away the heterogeneous population to the four corners of the United States, and the city subsided into comparative tranquility.
I hope tranquility comes, morale comes, confidence comes.
Tweetable: Skip the lines and plan your fall getaway to @Kissimmee, FL and experience everything from thrills to tranquility #GoodbyeCrowds #MyKissimmee
The existing model of interaction among different religions and communities in Iran is very appropriate and if people and nations of other countries follow this model they can live at peace and tranquility," Charian said in a meeting with Isfahan mayor on Tuesday.
Contract notice: Benefits of surveillance and social mediation under residential tranquility in buildings and adjoining spaces in various parts of the group command
My thoughts go in a particular way to the beloved land of Ukraine," he said, "to all its sons and daughters, to their yearning for peace and tranquility, threatened by a situation of tension and conflict that continues unabated, causing so much suffering among the population.
Golf fans will love this four-bed home with two double garages | Maen Eryr enjoys peace and tranquility thanks to its location Maen Eryr is former farmhouse situated in a rural location on the Isle of Anglesey and benefitting from breathtaking views of the countryside and the Snowdonia mountain range.
13, ( ANI ): Commenting on the Border Cooperation Agreement signed between India and China in Beijing last year, Army Chief General Bikram Singh said the agreement aims at ensuring peace and tranquility at the Line of Actual Control.
KABUL (PAN): Identifying durable peace and tranquility in Afghanistan as his top priorities, presidential candidate Qutbuddin Hilal has said there will be no pre-conditions for holding reconciliation talks with the Taliban and Hezb-i-Islami if he wins the upcoming ballot.
com)-- Traveling Tranquility is proud to announce the launch of its mobile spa business serving Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois.
Mikati stressed on the Lebanese Army's full prerogatives in controlling the situation and implementing all suitable measures for the sake of restoring peace and tranquility to the area.
It is our wish to see brotherly (Arab) countries change in the direction of justice and to have an atmosphere of peace and tranquility instead of chaos.
The building, named Tranquility House, is situated at Hartlepool Marina and staff started work in their new base on Monday.