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4 per cent of the 220 service users were regularly tranquilised.
A team of local administration and foresters struggled for several hours, chasing the big cat from the village to the fields and managing the large gathering of locals chasing the leopard, before it was finally tranquilised.
They were tranquilised and taken by helicopter about 65km away from the town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada.
Summary: A bear cub, tranquilised after wandering into a residential area in California, has been released into the Angeles National Forest.
The beast is tranquilised ahead of its release at Sutton Park
The 18-year-old amorous animal was found inside the zoo's perimeter fence and was tranquilised by zookeepers.
A BULL, sacred in Hindu India, ran amok through two markets, a cinema and Sikh temple in New Delhi before a vet tranquilised it.
The cat had to be tranquilised before her three female and one male offspring could be innoculated.
The 700lb Belted Galloway was tranquilised by welfare workers and then hauled up the rocks by a 30-strong team of volunteers.