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Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt

being sour to the taste

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having the characteristics of an acid

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Effectiveness and safety of tranexamic acid in reducing blood loss in total knee arthroplasty: A meta-analysis.
TABLE Facts about tranexamic acid * The dose is 1 g IV; it may be repeated once in 24 hours * Half-life is 2 hours * Clearance is renal--so do not use in patients with renal impairment * Antifibrinolytic activity usually lasts 7 to 8 hours * Tranexamic acid is contraindicated in patients with a history of thromboembolism in pregnancy * The drug is believed to be compatible with breastfeeding
Patients with history of hypersensitivity to tranexamic acid or irregular menstrual bleeding were not included.
Comparing Adrenaline with Tranexamic Acid to Control Acute Endobronchial Bleeding: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Venous thromboembolism and mortality associated with tranexamic acid use during total hip and knee arthroplasty.
Does the intraoperative tranexamic acid decrease operative blood loss during posterior spinal fusion for treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis?
First group (Group A) was given routine treatment measures and oral tranexamic acid whereas second group (Group B) was treated only with routine topical measures.
This large sample study of intra-articular soaking of TXA in THA has its advantage: it is simple to operate; tranexamic acid into hip articular cavity from intermuscular space directly target the site of bleeding; tranexamic acid have enough time and concentration thoroughly exposed to the bleeding points.
Systematic review and meta-analysis of the use of tranexamic acid in total hip replacement.
Our results showed that only 6% of patients reached hospital within the ideal 1-hour period, and that in total only 26% arrived within a timeframe where it was safe to administer tranexamic acid.
Conclusion: Local protamine is more effective in reducing post-operative blood loss than local tranexamic acid.
On admission the patient was bleeding profusely and immediate Adrenaline, and Tranexamic acid nasal packing (anterior and posterior) was done on admission and one unit of platelet concentrate was given, this was followed by intravenous fluid replacement for volume loss, routine antibiotic cover and tranexamic acid intravenous, following which bleeding was controlled.
We ordered intravenous fluid and Tranexamic acid, 1 gram every 5 hours.
Highest recovery rate (100%) was recorded for combined therapy of sodium acid phosphate and blood transfusion The recovery rates for combination of sodium acid phosphate with tranexamic acid and tranexamic acid with Novacoc forte injection were 70% and 50%, respectively.
Pharmaceutical company Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc (NasdaqCM:IMMY) revealed on Tuesday the completion of the acquisition of intellectual property for IPI-120, a novel drug formulation of both tranexamic acid, a synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine, and an antibiotic as part of its Buderer Drug Company Asset Purchase Agreement.