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a portion of something (especially money)

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From December 9, 2025, hybrid notes of tranche 2 will bear interest according to a fixed reset interest rate to be determined according to the relevant 5-year swap rate and an additional margin of 5.
Meanwhile, the reaffirmation of the rating of the Tranche A Sukuk reflects our opinion that the adjusted valuation of the Properties (of MYR 656.
Second Tranche Units consisting of $100,000 principal amount of Second Tranche Eligible Note and Second Tranche Eligible Warrants to purchase 21,552 shares of common stock of the Company, or a pro-rata portion thereof.
In the tranche II closing, Reckson sold three suburban core plus office properties containing 760,986 square feet for approximately $84.
Each tranche receives regular interest payments, but the principal payments received are made to the first tranche alone, until it is completely retired.
The new Tranche 5 Term Loan bears interest at a rate of LIBOR plus 3.
The tranche dimension will be $45 million as an ADB loan.
Reckson intends to use the proceeds from the tranche I closing of approximately US$128 million, net of debt assumed by the LPT, to fund a portion of the Company's recently announced acquisitions and for the repayment of outstanding indebtedness.
LONDON & CHICAGO & HONG KONG -- Fitch Ratings estimates that 32 corporate synthetic CDO tranches will default following the recent ISDA ruling which called a credit event on Ambac Assurance Corporation.
The tranche size will reach $45 million as an ADB loan, the Bank stated.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Abrams Capital, LLC, together with ACP Acquisition, LLC and Great Hollow Partners, LLC (collectively, "Abrams"), announced today the expiration of the initial offer period of Abrams' cash tender offer to purchase all of the outstanding Tranche B Warrants and Tranche C Warrants of GenTek Inc.
Tranche A was a $47,900,000 loan placed under the Bridge product line and Tranche B was an $11,400,000 loan placed under Arbor's Mezzanine product line to refinance a residential condominium conversion located at 60 Spring Street, New York, NY The Borrower's sponsors are Africa Israel Investments Ltd.
The Class A (2007-A1) tranche is comprised of $200 million of 5 year senior notes which carry a coupon of 5 basis points over one-month LIBOR while the Class B (2007-B1) tranche is comprised of $100 million of 5 year notes which carry a coupon of 25 basis points over one-month LIBOR.
Bank of Queensland Limited ( BOQ ) has, with APRA s approval, given notice to the holders to redeem the A$45 million second tranche of its privately placed A$150 million Lower Tier 2 Convertible Notes ( Convertible Notes ) issued in June 2010.
Quarterly lease payments fully amortize the tranche 1 notes over the term of the transaction, whereas a single "bullet" lease payment will repay outstanding tranche 2 notes on, or before, the final maturity date.