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as if in a trance

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But it would be an infinitely better movie if it sustained the sort of trancelike sonic ecstasy that turns fans into fanatics.
What emerged was a wild, mesmerising, trancelike musical spectacle mixing unusual combinations of instruments with ritual and dance.
In the description of the trancelike state of Andrei and his perception of the interrogations, several layers are connected.
The combined phenomena of snow, silence, and darkness produce a trancelike encounter with her dead parents, during which her mother accuses her of forgetting her family.
A highly individualized, trancelike state is brought about through such an experience, one that might be likened to a transcendental experience of the sublime.
It can also be perceived as a trancelike state and its etymologic roots are from the Medieval Latin catalepsia, variant of Late Latin catalepsis, coming from Greek katalepsis, meaning literally "seizing" (1).
Lynch would strive for precisely this no-exit effect in the passages of suspended trancelike intensity that periodically take over his movies.
Not ready for sleep, I pulled the rocker close to the wood stove and sat staring into the changing orange flames--caught in the age-old trancelike human fascination with fire.
The opening scene lasts 11 minutes, during which time the two women violently pound their chests, entering into a trancelike state achieved by participants in Ashoura rituals.
The album goes out much as it came in, with the trancelike "Reimagine.
The late American psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce, for example, could put himself into a trancelike state; I cannot.
The technique is on one occasion disrupted by a few visually appealing and trancelike shots of Sufi dance and song.
Many ancient cultures--including the Sumerians, Greeks, Druids and Native Americans--induced trancelike states.
s ambivalence about trancelike possession might thus be figured in the ways the lovers ironically replicate heteronormative roles.