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gymnastic apparatus consisting of a strong canvas sheet attached with springs to a metal frame

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Amy, from Hale Village in Liverpool, is ranked the fourth-best British trampoliner at U19s level.
University of Chester student Amy Sims has just represented Great Britain at theunder-19World Championships in Canada, and is ranked the fourth-best British trampoliner at under-19 level.
I've never really thought of myself as a trampoliner - at 5ft 11in and with all the grace of a fairy elephant, I'm not really your ideal gymnast.
Trampoliners at Kirklees Rebound Club were left homeless by the decision but earlier this year agreed to build a new facility at Huddersfield North Trust School in Fartown.
Highlights include a romantic encounter expressed through hand-tohand acrobatics, a putty-limbed contortionist who squeezes through a small opening in the wall, an art cyclist who climbs it, and trampoliners who bound and sprint up its bare face.