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Synonyms for trampler

someone who injures by trampling

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someone who walks with a heavy noisy gait or who stamps on the ground

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Para Miguel Barraza, Trampler es la persona menos indicada para hablar del tema "porque el como matchmaker les habla a los entrenadores para pedirles peleadores con apenas una semana de anticipacion nada mas para dar el peso.
For years I've done battle with the ultimate abuser of private- property rights (and a fine trampler of checks and balances to boot), Smokey Joe Edmiston of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.
at whose lordly command, the (four) quarters are distressed and cities convulsed, strong male who treads upon the necks of his foe, who breaks up the forces of the proud, trampler of all his enemies .
Top Rank Vice- President and matchmaker Bruce Trampler has chosen a formidable opponent in Gabriel Rivera from Harlingen, Texas, who has a 10 fight record of seven wins (4KOs) and three losses.
Twogood, a factory worker, admitted importing nine obscene videos, whose titles included Clogs and Frogs, Crushfest, Street Crush and Toad Trampler from the United States.
The Iraqis, unwittingly or not, continue to draw on them in their own glorification's of the Trampler of Kuwait in 1990 and today in their exaltation of his defying America.
Jekyll, a trampler of children and the murderer of Sir Danvers Carew.
Until you wake up and demand that your leaders choose a different path, a path toward a life as equals and neighbors instead of trampler - on and trampled-on, you and your warrior sons and daughters will continue to see us - all of us, living and dead - in your nightmares, where we will continue to demand peace with justice.
Then, lo and behold, that great cash cow and trampler of all things grassroots, Sky, decide that there will be a Premier League game in our city on one of those Thursdays.
Contents: Luigi Nono, Polifonica-Monodia-Ritmica (1951) [English Chamber Orchestra; Bruno Maderna, conductor]; Maderna, Serenala #2 (1954) [English Chamber Orchestra; Maderna, conductor]; Luciano Berio, Differences (1958-60) [Jacques Castagner, flute; Walter Lewis, clarinet; Francis Pierre, harp; Walter Trampler, viola; Seymour Barab, cello; Berio, conductor].
We have big experts, like (matchmaker) Bruce Trampler, who work for the company.