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the track on which trams or streetcars run

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The monorail can facilitate nine trains, allowing passenger capacity to increase to 6,000 passengers with the potential advent in increased tourist flow from the tramline connection.
The tramline project is very much needed in Tampere, which is one of the fastest growing urban regions in northern Europe expecting to expand by 1% annually over the next 15 years.
This begs the question, why can Manchester build a tramline from the city centre to the airport, but Liverpool cannot build a line one to two miles from Liverpool South Parkway station to Liverpool Airport?
A teacher's clerk at the school told Donna tramlines were banned.
It proved to be such a hit that they even produced a brown away version that football fans up and down the country still love to hate to this very day, while the Wales national side wore it in red with a yellow stripe in the tramlines down the front.
The shock rejection of the St Andrew Square proposal went against advice by council officials that a tramline which only runs from the airport to Haymarket could lose money.
The show takes place each year in and around Woodside, following the tramline to Wirral Transport Museum.
The RPAB agreed that these subprojects such as communal irrigation systems, potable water systems, tramline system and slope stabilization works are viable and expected to bring socio-economic impact and benefits to the beneficiaries and to the region as a whole", said DA Regional Field Office CAR Executive Director Dr.
And his time at Highfield Road - alongside the likes of David Cross (top right), Ian Wallace, Mick Ferguson and Terry Yorath (centre) - coincided with the iconic Admiral tramline strip which would surely be a winner if City's marketing department were to develop their current retro theme next term.
The Bon Jovi concert at Murrayfield was marred by four hours stuck in traffic and zero parking, a situation exacerbated by the tramline construction.
AN OLD tramline was uncovered by workmen digging up Castle Street.
I echo Eileen Sewell's sentiments in all sympathy having walked and cycled along the tramline.
Thornaby was also at the centre of local transport with the newly opened (1898) tramline running through the town down Mandale Road and a first class railway station.
But as the three pedalled past the Bridgwater in Bute Terrace the front wheel of Eric's bike jammed in a tramline in the road and he somersaulted over the handlebars, landing on his head.
ON TRACK: The tramline construction is causing problems for commuters