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quantity that can be carried by a train

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The arrival of trainloads of faithful two days before the rally is ample proof of her political intent.
Our coal is being delivered southbound at the rate of about seventy-car trainloads two or three times a week.
When I meant trainloads, they were in coaches not boxcars like ours were treated.
And it's also why I'm thinking of forming the British Bisto Party (BBP) - to reclaim our gravy from the trainloads of highly-paid mediocrities who live off the fat of the land.
It was here that trainloads of Jews from as far away as Athens (850 miles), Paris, (750 miles) and Oslo (760 miles) ground to a halt after the hellish, cramped journey to the death camp.
He talked fondly of the days when Holyhead Town won the cup in the 1950s and 60s, trainloads of fans travelling to the final in Bangor and thousands watching the game.
At one point, Camp Devens was a charnel house for the trainloads of bloated corpses that rolled in, night and day, for weeks.
GB Railfreight transports 30 trainloads to the Drax power station, near Selby, and 10 coal trains to the Alcan power plant at Lynemouth in Northumberland.
He keeps them enthralled with tales of early days selling fruit on the streets to the later days of selling trainloads of produce battles against giants fights to preserve the rights of land and people building a city and hobnobbing with presidents.
Under his teacher's guidance, Mengele selected twins from the trainloads of Jews who arrived and injected them with chemicals to see if they reacted differently from one another.
In November 1980, two trainloads of First Nation people left Vancouver heading for Ottawa where constitutional negotiations were underway.
Eight trainloads of visitors came every day in its heyday of the teens and '20s," says Ferguson.
When completed, the rail facilities will handle inbound trainloads of raw materials and outbound trainloads of finished products, removing more than 300,000 lorry journeys over the next decade - the equivalent of nearly 50 million miles.
Trainloads of visitors from across Britain visited Sarah, who was dressed like a bride in silk as she lay on her bed, with a wreath of flowers on her head.
This, after all, was the back three pages of the Daily Mail, who these days specialise in stories about Cherie Blair blagging a free Tuscan holiday for ordering Tony's cronies to let trainloads of illegal immigrants sneak into the country and bring the NHS to its knees with a deadly new strain of superbug.