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The Arizona researchers allowed caged bumblebees that had never foraged among such flowers to watch for 10 minutes as trained workers from another colony visited either orange or green fake flowers.
Employers have been faced with a rapidly-aging workforce and a shortage of new trained workers.
Consider this: Graduates claim they cannot find good jobs in New Hampshire while employers claim they cannot find trained workers.
Trained Workers Teams visited 1032 slums/JJ clusters spread across Delhi & NCR and identified over 38000 families with at least one older person as family members.
Summary: Agreements have been signed regarding employment opportunities in Libya for professionals and trained workers from Sri Lanka.
North Central Texas College is offering a technical degree starting this fall to meet the need for more trained workers in the Barnett Shale.
Companies are caught in a classic "Prisoner's Dilemma"--it is cheaper and safer to hire workers that someone else has trained, but if everybody raids his neighbour, everyone suffers from a shortage of trained workers.
For information about Desert Haven, including how to subcontract packaging and assembly jobs or hire trained workers into a business, call (661) 948-8402.
Using safe work practices and trained workers for any work that disturbs lead paint in applicable apartments and common areas, including required repairs of peeling paint.
Research among 13, 000 employers showed more than half were unable to recruit properly trained workers, and a third said their own workers lacked certain skills.
In addition to these activities, since 11 September 2001 the WETP has also trained workers in cleaning up environmental problems stemming from the World Trade Center attacks, as well as potential bioterrorism and use of weapons of mass destruction.
North American companies must draw better cards if they want to stay in the game, and that means investing in some of the big advantages they still have: great transportation, highly trained workers, ready access to high quality recycle and virgin fiber, the biggest paper market in the world, etc.
Although few of the programs included have been formally evaluated, all show some improvement in such indicators as retention of newly trained workers, worker satisfaction, turnover rates, the use of temporary agencies (see sidebar, "Mercy Health Partners' Staffing Solution"), or quality of care.
Apart from these proposed changes, today's immigration law allows highly skilled and specially trained workers to apply for one of 65,000 H-1B visas through a sponsoring employer.
Specially trained workers used steel pins and glue to reattach restored ornaments.