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Antonyms for trained

shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training


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As a force multiplier, CAT adds depth to the department because it provides an intermediate level of trained people.
Over 100,000 drivers have been trained on its installed base of 244 driving simulators.
the Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Training Program--awardees trained nearly 175,000 environmental response and cleanup workers at the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex;
It is critical that scientific research be conducted by properly trained researchers.
The CLSSC successfully trained seventeen battalion task forces staffs.
Without effective supervision and competent leadership, the trained and certified patrol officer becomes increasingly disillusioned and disaffected.
Statistics show that trained employees are more likely to stay because of perceptions about their career growth and the management's regard for their well-being.
To send trained personnel to new jobs and reassignments.
The races were run in Dallas, where none of the participants either live or trained, and the data were tabulated over a six-year period.