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the rear edge of an airfoil

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By looking at 43 HSS events recorded by various spacecraft, Denton and Borovsky discovered that the trailing edge of each event appeared as a bend where the solar wind sometimes makes a slight change in direction and decreases in speed from more than 550 kilometers per second when the HSS is directly passing by Earth to 300-400 kilometers per second when the trailing edge passes.
Get out and make sure they are actually in a neutral position, which is fair with the trailing edge of the control surface the tab is attached to.
Kansas USA-based aerostructures manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems Inc (NYSE: SPR) said it has shipped its first leading and trailing edge wing structures for European airframer's Airbus A320neo programme from its Prestwick Scotland site.
All wings, either natural or engineered, create turbulent eddies as they cut through the air, and when these eddies hit the trailing edge of the wing, they are amplified and scattered as sound.
Airbus UK general manager Tom Williams said the dispatch of the trailing edges was an important milestone in the A380 programme: ``This week's delivery is yet another step in the completion of the first set of A380 wings and a further step towards the aircraft's first flight in 2005.
The combination of the effects at the leading and trailing edges, Adler said, keeps the disk in aerodynamic balance over a wide range of flight speeds.
The significant parts of the blade are therefore the leading and trailing edges and the surface finish of the aerofoil section itself.
As the liquid rock cools, it attaches to the trailing edges of the receding plages.
The initial $70 million contract to CPI Aero from Boeing, announced in July 2008, was for the production of leading edges, wingtips, trailing edges, main landing gear pods and various other structures.
To maximize efficiency, the trailing edges of these blades are razor thin.
Technologies to be developed and tested during demonstration flights will include adaptive wing trailing edges and ceramic matrix composite acoustic engine noises.
The wing was designed without traditional leading and trailing edges, which usually have drag-producing hinges and crevices.
Some of these experiments involve duplicate samples of materials placed on both the leading and trailing edges of LDEF to assess the affect of chemically reactive atomic oxygen emanating from the top of the atmosphere.
CPI Aero([R])") (AMEX: CVU) today announced that Spirit AeroSystems ("Spirit") and CPI Aero have mutually agreed that the finalized MOU related to CPI Aero's work on the Gulfstream G650 will only include the fixed leading edge assemblies, and not the trailing edges or flaps as previously reported.
During the test on the 787 Dreamliner static test airframe, the wing and trailing edges of the airframe were subjected to its limit load, the highest loads expects to be seen in service.