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a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension

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John Lennon rides the Honda Monkey trail bike with son Julian on the back and, below, the bike awaiting auction
Several fresh tracks from trail bike tyres were noted leading in and out of the pools, which were turbid with suspended silt.
every Wednesday -- Seven Hills Wheelmen rail trail bike ride.
First Glyn showed Damon, the son of Formula One legend Graham Hill, pictured, who was killed in a plane crash in 1975, how to ride his 50cc Bultaco, a small Spanish trail bike.
The author will tell how she quit her job at the BBC to ride 20,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina on a 225cc Yamaha trail bike.
A TEENAGER died after he was felled from his trail bike by wire strung across a country track, an inquest heard.
I know of two other cases when a quad bike and trail bike were stolen and nothing was done.
LINSAYANN WALLACE was left at the starting block when her pounds 1600 trail bike was stolen from her garden shed.
A silver moped registration MS52 LYK, a bright green and blue trail bike registration YJ54 ANV - fitted with a wheel lock - and a maroon Giant mountain bike were stolen.
Sir Cameron, producer of Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserables, and Miss Saigon, has agreed to give undisclosed financial support for three years and a piece of ground to the local trail bike club.
From Commons Beach, take Mackinaw Road south to the Lakeside Trail bike route near Fanny Bridge and the junction of State 89.
Also provided are some 200 city, coastal, and mountain trail bike ride routes; strolls through dozens of area cultural and historical attractions including gardens, downtown streets and ethnic neighborhoods; there are even places to to walk with a baby stroller, as well as a special "Trailblazer Kids" section.
About half of this 47-mile route was on the Canalway Trail bike path; the rest was mostly on rural roads.
Honda is alone among the big four in continuing the 125cc four-stroke trail bike theme -Suzuki and Yamaha no longer import the DR and XT versions of their eighth-litre trailies.