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Synonyms for tragedy

Synonyms for tragedy

an occurrence inflicting widespread destruction and distress

Synonyms for tragedy

drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance

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Bazzard has become acquainted with, who have also written tragedies, which likewise nobody will on any account whatever hear of bringing out, and these choice spirits dedicate their plays to one another in a highly panegyrical manner.
First, the book examines the myriad forms of funerary commemoration that populate revenge tragedies by important early modern dramatists such as Shakespeare, Kyd, Middleton, Webster, and Marston.
6billion for Societe Generale was driven by two tragedies - splitting up with his wife and the death of his father.
And like many other tragedies in this story it is the result of inattention and lack of communication rather than outright maliciousness.
I recently reviewed Marcus Sedgwick's The Foreshadowing, a book set during WW I, in which the main character was haunted by the tragedies she could foresee.
Through comparisons with the classical Greek tragedies, Brant sheds light on the unique Johannine presentation of Jesus.
Where is God when disasters and tragedies occur is the topic of a Valley Interfaith Council panel discussion Sunday at The Islamic Center of Northridge in Granada Hills.
Therefore, as with many tragedies, religious faith was part of the tapestry enveloping the victims, friends and relatives, public officials, rescue personnel and, of course, the news media.
Eagleton is highly critical of all the affirmative qualities attached to tragedy by tragic theorists, especially that central "theoretical dogma" of tragic theory--an attribution of positive meaning to the suffering depicted in tragedies.
In an annotation to his discussion, in chapter 8, of three dramatic interpretations of the Dido myth, Di Maria could well be referring to Renaissance tragedy as a whole when he states: "To my knowledge, no scholar has yet examined these tragedies [by Pazzi, Giraldi, and Dolce] from the theatrical point of view.
11 concepts, these groupings might be called Histories of homeland security, tragedies about the Axis of Evil, comedies or tragi-comedies where United We Stand.
The Kuwaitis, Iranians and Iraqi Kurds will also tell you their own tragedies experienced under Saddam.
Perhaps if more educators were to teach tolerance, these tragedies would be avoided.
Beman utilises passages from the Holy Scriptures in the book to show that often great tragedies can bring people closer to God.
If your company has been or may be directly affected by the tragedies, we strongly recommend that senior management disclose how the company will be affected," said Richard Tilghman, partner and co-chair of the corporate and securities practice of law firm Piper Marbury Rudnik & Wolfe, when speaking at an investor relations conference a few clays after the tragedy.