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a blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is about to turn

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Having lights-on and trafficator indicators on the cowling of the instrument cluster must have seemed a good idea.
My grandfather owned a 1960 Morris Minor with stick-out trafficators (indicators if you're under 40) and as soon I showed an interest, at the age of six, I was under the bonnet.
Raymond Dawes, 48, event organiser at the club, said: "Our club has been going for more than 30 years and our members have a wide variety of vehicles including 1950s saloon cars with split windscreens and others which have trafficators (semaphore signals which pop up at the side of the car) as indicators.
The A35 featured a larger front grille with painted slats instead of chrome, a larger rear window, remote control gear-change and also flashing turn signal indicators to replace the semaphore trafficators used on the A30.
Then there's YZ chewing gum, Jaffa oranges, trafficators on cars, and Jumping Jacks - wiggly, leaping fireworks that looked like exploding intes-tines and chased unlucky onlookers all round the bonfire, turning Guy Fawkes into Burns Night.
For this you got trafficators, running boards, a rear bumper and the unashamed luxury of two windscreen wipers.
Trafficators -- Back in the days before flashing turn signals, a driver would flip a switch on the dash and a lit semaphore arm would swing out of a panel on the appropriate side of the car and signal the driver's intention to turn.
THE car signals by old trafficators that spring out from the pillars to the rear of the front doors .