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a curbed area in a roadway from which traffic is excluded

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Our selection committee was bowled over by this traffic island that boasts an amazing giant dandelion water sculpture.
A council spokesman said: "The work on Queen Street South is taking place to build traffic islands and is scheduled to be completed by August 16, but with the current rate of progress we are hopeful the work will be done sooner.
The plaintiffs argue that the city's ordinance banning aggressive panhandling, as well as the ordinance barring people from standing on traffic islands or rotaries for any purpose other than to cross the street, violate free speech rights.
Roundabouts of Newcastle 2006 features traffic islands outside St James's Park and Newcastle Airport along with roundabouts in the city centre, Cowgate, Byker and Quayside.
The firm shot to fame last year after its calendar depicting the Worcestershire town's traffic islands became a hit with TV chat show host GrahamNorton and led to a surge in sales.
Pear trees grow on Sawyer, jacarandas on Guthrie, and liquidambars on the traffic island at Genesee and Fairfax.
Tenders are invited for Construction of traffic islands at pattel center, Ysr circle and jeevan jyothi circles in nandikotkur municipality
A KirKlees SPOKESWOMAN said: "The temporary removal of traffic islands has enabled the worK to be carried out without the need for temporary traffic lights.
Also banned was soliciting cash from drivers while standing in the street, on traffic islands or by walking into traffic to get money.
LARGE traffic islands are very dangerous due to motorists leaving late from home to get to their place of work on time.
Father-of-two David Parker, of Westminster Road, Stone Cross, West Bromwich, went through traffic lights on red during the pursuit and he also drove over traffic islands, said prosecutor Hugh O'Brien-Quinn.
Roundabouts of Great Britain was set up by Kevin Beresford when he decided to print ten calendars of traffic islands in Redditch as a joke, but the idea took off.
There were tricky traffic problems for motorists in 1964 when drivers had to negotiate two traffic islands and two bus stops in Low Fell, Gateshead.
He added: "The council installed these traffic islands on Stockton Ring Road a few months ago and I noticed four of these had recently been demolished too.
CONGRATULATIONS to city gardeners for the wonderful displays of flowers on green areas at traffic islands and roundabouts, such as Allerton Maze, which is now a blaze of colour instead of the drab bushes that used to be the re.