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a curbed area in a roadway from which traffic is excluded

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Work on the traffic islands at the junction of Queen Street South and Colne Road has been months in the planning.
Term C: Exit Door C 203 on upper level Follow crosswalk to 3rd traffic island to meet your van.
The practical impact of the decision is to leave intact -- at least for now -- city rules that bar politicking on rotaries, medians and traffic islands.
Approaches to traffic islands were slippy and some of the roundabouts themselves were more like ice rinks.
Further to your article (Hazardous Road Safety Measures) regarding new traffic islands installed in Junction Road, Norton - one evening recently my wife and I were involved in an accident caused by an unlit traffic island adjacent to the turn off to Countisbury Road from Junction Road.
Most travelers exiting Terminal 1 never had to cross the protest, which was limited to crosswalks, traffic islands and curb areas in a spot near the terminal exit.
The design was based on an interim space created in 1999 that combined segmented traffic islands, which at that time made up Columbus Circle.
Being totally bored with the usual array of Beckhams, Jordans, naked old ladies and six-pack firemen, we racked our brains and came up with the most unique calendar in history ( The Roundabouts of Redditch ( 12 stunning shots of the very best traffic islands Worcestershire had to offer," he said yesterday.
The calendars boast the best traffic islands from Bolton, Croydon, Grimsby and Cleethorpes, Milton Keynes, Redditch, Slough and Swindon.
Fiona Watt, New York City's chief of forestry, expects the tree canopy to "grow even more in coming years as the city government is setting aside additional funds for aggressive tree-planting programs, focusing not only on parks, but also on sidewalks, traffic islands and other areas usually reserved for concrete.
Among Green Island's objectives is the beautification of schools, traffic islands, and blighted areas.
Works will take place in stages with the first to commence at the Roystonea Avenue and Temple Terrace intersection which includes additional turn lanes, upgrading traffic signals, resurfacing pavement, upgrading street lighting, upgrading shared pedestrian and cycleway access and modifications to traffic islands.
A KirKlees SPOKESWOMAN said: "The temporary removal of traffic islands has enabled the worK to be carried out without the need for temporary traffic lights.
I further find that it is in the public's interest to be safe and secure in their person, and for safety of all to be maintained on City streets, sidewalks, traffic islands and similar public areas,'' Judge Hillman wrote.
Sportsmen and women figures on the traffic islands, newly painted directions and lanes on the approach to these islands.