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Synonyms for traditional

Synonyms for traditional

conforming to established practice or standards

Antonyms for traditional

consisting of or derived from tradition

pertaining to time-honored orthodox doctrines

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An assessment of factors related to the attitude toward mathematics comparing students in this modeling-based approach with students in a traditional course was conducted.
The water and solid-waste sections of the book focus on traditional toxicants as case studies and give a detailed description of current waste-water and solid-waste treatment.
In Prince William Sound, as in other parts of Alaska and the circumpolar north, a combination of environmental and social changes is threatening the traditional harvests of wild foods that form the backbone of Native society.
The risk factors are simply too strong for the traditional lending community.
Interestingly, traditional underwriting requirements do retain their protective value and, in some arenas, have even greater protective value among elderly applicants.
This paper will examine the context of male circumcision among the Meru of Kenya (see Nyaga, 1997) to explore if the traditional moments of education within the male circumcision rite are still important moments for today's youth in zones where adolescent circumcision is still practised, and outline an intervention project aimed at seizing the day to reach adolescent boys with youth-friendly health messages.
Selling to large and traditional producers in the same way may no longer make sense.
Those in the traditional care group saw obstetricians or obstetric residents at prenatal clinics or private physician offices, and delivered in hospitals.
Jivaka's healing methods are a combination of the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.
I turned to alternative medicine after many unsuccessful attempts to cure my eczema with traditional treatments.
Nevertheless, to see how Super Slow compared to traditional weight training in cardiovascular demands and caloric expenditure, researchers at the University of Alabama evaluated heart rate, energy use and blood lactate levels--the product of the transformation of glucose to energy during strenuous exercise--in seven resistance-trained men in their 20s.
Free trade is an issue close to the heart of many traditional conservatives.
Without vaulting or trusses, Yemeni traditional architecture had to rely on the usable length of palm, acacia or tamarisk trunks for spans.
In this essay, my purpose is to propose an alternative reading of the traditional blessing formula: one that sustains the feminist critique of too much male language but that separates gender from the issue of transcendence.