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commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

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The landscape of the trading system has changed immeasurably since the Tokyo Round of the late 1970s, much less the tariff reduction rounds during the first few years of the GATT.
The disparate treatment of Stewart and the other ImClone investors is especially troubling when you consider the government's definition of insider trading and rationale for prohibiting it.
163(d) on their share of T's trading interest expense will depend on each partner's participation.
When she plunged into day trading last summer, Jones was fortunate enough to have $50,000 in cash at her disposal.
Being able to offer our customers innovative trading tools through FX Connect and Currenex fulfills our goal of delivering leading-edge foreign exchange capabilities to meet growing market demand," said Stanley W.
Does the trading company have the scale and depth of business expertise required to fulfill your needs?
While this means trade turns out to be pretty important to us after all, it is much more important to some of our trading partners.
Understand the growth of algorithmic trading spend in different product areas
Economic nationalists are content simply to trash the world trading system, but their colleagues on the left have bigger plans.
Of the many types of computer-assisted securities trading, program trading may be the most misunderstood.
com/reports/c47949) has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: Asia-Pacific Algorithmic Trading Spend to their offering.
The people of Arlington, like most Americans, know that the United States is the world's most active trading nation, but they are more aware that the United States is relatively self-sufficient in many areas.
com/reports/c47934) has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: European Algorithmic Trading Spend to their offering.