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an exchange that occurs as a compromise


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A majority of Americans are resigned to giving up their data--and that is why many appear to be engaging in tradeoffs.
Almost half of DOD's contracts--47 percent--were awarded using a tradeoff process in which non-cost evaluation factors, when combined, were more important than price.
Para a organizacao, significa que ha a necessidade da area de operacoes proporcionar elevado desempenho simultaneo nos atributos customizacao e custos, indicando assim a necessidade de minimizar o tradeoff existente.
Over time, each alternative is evaluated against performance tradeoffs.
Similar to other corporate investments, tax investments need to weigh the risk-return tradeoff.
Godwin and Kemerer next move to recount how courts have negotiated that tradeoff.
Therefore many physicians prefer to start with two nucleoside analogs and a non-nuke for beginning treatment--another tradeoff to consider.
The tradeoff for small holes is the amount of ceramic material necessary to produce the passageways.
A significant negative genetic correlation between calling and wing morph would mean that selection acting on one trait would result in a correlated response of the other, a necessary requirement for any tradeoff to be evolutionarily important (Stearns 1989; Roff 1994c).
By incorporating "scatter" about the trade-off, I allowed for the possibility that species with a given competitive rank might have higher or lower colonization rates than would be expected in the perfect tradeoff scenario.
The objective of the current study is to examine whether firms that exhibit a relatively high degree of apparent tradeoff differ in financial attributes from firms that exhibit a relatively low degree of apparent tradeoff.
THERE iS a fairly extensive theoretical and empirical literature on the tradeoff between wages and various desirable and undesirable characteristics of a job.
We are all too willing to accept an environmental tradeoff if it will result in more plunder to ease our journey through life.
strong and nonbrittle -- could help researchers get around this tradeoff, says materials scientist Albert Yee of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
In these circumstances, exhibit 1 at right illustrates the tradeoff between reliance on analytical procedures and the extent of tests of details.