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the system or principles and theory of labor unions

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Mr Corbyn denied that trade unionism and "solidarity" were a "thing of the past".
Ms Wood said that Plaid has "begun a review of all legislation relating to industrial relations and trade unionism, especially those passed during the 1980s.
It might be more accurate to suggest that he actually only endorses trade unionism equivocally.
To who can we now look for reflections on the reign of Margaret Thatcher, bus conducting in Dundee, trade unionism, overpaid footballers, the crisis of global capitalism and life as a cub reporter on the Scotsman in the 1970s.
In a week when a woman viewed by many as the ultimate scourge of 20th century trade unionism was buried, her legacy has been the subject of endless debate.
Only three advocates of independent trade unionism remain on the executive board.
MILITANT trade unionism has emerged as a major threat to the future of Gurgaon's status as the country's biggest auto manufacturing hub.
The Phoenix Four including John Towers did more damage to what was left of British car manufacturing in just a few months than 50 years of trade unionism.
TUNIS (TAP) - Arab Maghreb Workers' Labour Union (USTMA) Secretary-General Abdessalem Jerad discussed the situation of trade unionism in the aftermath of the Revolution which ended the rule of the former regime and laid the foundations of a society of justice, democracy and respect of public and individual liberties.
Hugo Chandler, who plays activist Mann and Anthony Crank, as unionist Sexton, play out the drama involving dockers, railwaymen and sailors that changed trade unionism on Merseyside forever.
In me, they can glimpse the ghost of Labour's past - the real Labour of solidarity, of trade unionism, of opposition to war, prejudice, bigotry and hate.
Tony Woodley, Unite's joint leader, insists he is committed to reaching a settlement but said: "It is now clear that agreed procedures are being abused to try to destroy trade unionism among cabin crew.
The association is crying foul, accusing the Chief of heavy-handed tactics and of suppressing trade unionism within the force.
IN RECENT YEARS, British students of trade unionism have, by and large, neglected its international dimension.
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