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an artificial language used for trade between speakers of different languages

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Massachusetts had developed a set of statewide standards in each of the technical areas in 2005, but in 2007, the trade language was removed from the embedded academies portion of each CTE standard and replaced with appropriate academic curriculum standards.
Use language that everyone understands; avoid trade language that is unintelligible to those outside of farming.
They both speak Kaba, the language of their tribe, as well as Sangho, a trade language understood by all of the different tribes in the Central African Republic.
The word memaloose means "dead" in Chinook jargon, the old Indian trade language of the Northwest.
Kwanzaa means first fruits of the harvest, in Swahili, the East African trade language.
At the time of the Spanish conquest Quechua was already widespread as a trade language, at least among the Quijos of the northern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin.
At the same time that I celebrate "the music" as our "mother tongue," like most people of color, I recognize that African Americans from birth grow up speaking a second language, a variation of SAE, the trade language of our times.