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Synonyms for trade in

turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase

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The trade in timber grew to be so considerable that it was subdivided, and since the fourth year of our industrial era, we have had dealers in firewood, squared timber, planks, bark, and later on, in charcoal.
He compared the prices that were asked for wood in various neighborhoods, and found such differences in his favor, that he secured new customers in one place after another, and now a third of the trade in the department passes through his hands.
While the selection of new Kia vehicles is on the rise with the arrival of 2015 models like the Sorento and the upcoming Sedona, the dealership relies on consumers looking to sell or trade in their used cars to restock its inventory.
Kelly Woodward, pictured, worked at Stockton's Games Store where customers would trade in hardware, software and accessories for money.
Avoiding a lag time between trading in and the availability of the new model will enable consumers to trade in their device at a great price without having to go without their phone.