trade deficit

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an excess of imports over exports

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Pakistan's trade deficit has increased to $18 billion in first six months of the current fiscal year 2017-18.
The trade deficit during January 2018 expanded by 24.
Trump has often cited the trade deficit as evidence the U.
Trade results of the first six months ensure that pressure on the country's foreign exchange reserves is set to continue, and the trade deficit will be far higher than the annual target of $25.
The country's trade deficit was recorded at $15 billion during five months (July to November) of the current fiscal year as compared to $11.
The year 2016-17 saw the trade deficit rise to an all-time high of $32.
The trade deficit of resident companies has widened by nearly 3 billion dinars compared to the same period of 2016 to reach 16.
The OTE said Tunisia has entered a vicious circle in which every IMF-mandated devaluation of the dinar leads to an increase in the trade deficit which results in a larger devaluation of the dinar.
Bulgaria has slashed its trade deficit (exports FOB - imports CIF) by 42% on the year for the first four months of 2016, the national statistical office NSI announced on Thursday.
trade deficit increased in December as exports fell for a third consecutive month, the government reported Friday, reflecting the pressures of a stronger dollar and spreading global weakness.
A LEADING business group has downgraded its UK growth forecast for this year after a disappointing first quarter and sounded a warning about the "time bomb" of Britain's surging trade deficit.
TEHRAN (FNA)- US trade deficit swells to 6-year high of $51.
Summary: Tunisia's trade deficit jumped 18 percent in the first seven months of 2014 compared to the same period last year, to a total 7.
In May 2014 the UK's trade deficit widened, increasing concerns that the pound's strength is damaging the competitiveness of UK exporters, the Telegraph reported on Thursday.