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a bill of exchange for a specific purchase

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s entry into World War I, the Federal Reserve's preferred media for open market operations were private bills of exchange, trade acceptances, and bankers' acceptances, (2) rather than public debt.
The concept of the Trade Acceptance Draft has existed in Europe for years.
An innovative finance firm named Actrade is offering a solution called the Trade Acceptance Draft (TAD) Program.
Indeed, the glittering promise of scanner marketing in supermarkets -- which debuted as little more than an accelerated cash register at checkout and a method for inventory-control in the backroom -- dimmed somewhat after nearly 20 years of ringing up billions of dollars in sales and gaining wide consumer and trade acceptance.
Having won trade acceptance, said chairman John McCliskie, the board will now be targeting consumers.
Our market expansion program reflects strong consumer and trade acceptance of shelf-stable beverages packed in flexible cartons," says John Shanahan, general manager for aseptic products at Borden in Columbus, Ohio.
consumer and trade acceptance of product line extensions and new marketing initiatives;
The sponsors for the event include: Charter One, Coface North America, Datamyne, International Trade Association of Greater Chicago, The Rockford Chamber of Commerce, RSM McGladrey, Surge Capital, Trade Acceptance Group Ltd.
Products will be judged on their novel use of nonwovens technology, as well as on their consumer and trade acceptance.
Gillette has the best of both worlds right now, including ongoing strength of its existing products along with great trade acceptance of its new products, helped by world-class marketing programs.