tract housing

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housing consisting of similar houses constructed together on a tract of land

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The myth of the solitary yeoman diligently tending his 160 acres was confounded by the spectacle of gigantic landholdings numbering hundreds of thousands of acres that were run like private fiefdoms well into the 20th century These ranches with their rambling haciendas, rippling grasslands and shadowy stands of live oaks typified the baronial majesty of rural California life; the fact that they were eventually sold by their owners to developers who converted their pastoral beauty into strip malls and tract housing adds a bitter epilogue to the ongoing betrayal of the promise of California life.
Asphalt radiates solar heat like a stovetop, creating a heat island where farmlands and desert have been paved over to make room for tract housing and some four million vehicles.
There are a few signs pointing to the wine region, but you have to pick them out among all the others advertising the newest in tract housing.
Thus it comes as no great revelation when Norwegian artist Sven Pahlsson's Sprawlville or Life at Highway Exit Ramp, 2002, a digitally animated riff on mass-produced tract housing and strip malls, once again draws our attention to the soulless properties of these land-hungry environments.
From a distance, the entire village looked like an unfinished section of tract housing.
When built on such crowded, highly cultivated, and developed poetic terrain, one's house needs special design features to stand apart and not to appear as another unit of prefab poetic tract housing.
While leaving Chicago, which is a frighteningly long ride through miles of traffic jams and suburban tract housing, I listened to Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente from Havana to New York.
Even for tract housing, glass block has become available and at a very effective cost," says Jeff Crowder, sales representative for the Glass Block Shop, a Dallas glass block retailer.
Anyone who has spent time in the bleak maze of tract housing known as suburban Calgary--an arid developer's grid strewn with 7-11s, Co-op stores, ranch-style bungalows and ersatz cowboy culture--would have recognized the featureless canvas on which Burns's teen protagonists played out their dunderheaded dramas.
Beers stresses that this version of the American Dream - complete with cradle-to-grave job security, steady promotion and raises, and fashionable, ever-appreciating tract housing - was not without costs.
Cellular PVC is increasingly popular in such uses as exterior trim, decorative moulding, decking and millwork that embellish dwellings at every price point, from tract housing to high-end designer homes.
He went on to become a national pioneer in the development of tract housing.
That changed in the late 1950s when so-called merchant builders such as Joseph Eichler, George Alexander and Ray Homes cross-pollinated their designs with Case Study modernism churning out tract housing by the tens of thousands.
There's a feeling you get when you look to the west: that sinking feeling brought on by tract housing in the desert, suburban strip malls, Disneyland/Hollywood, military/industrial complexes, and mustachioed cops.