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one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of land

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Radha Mitchell is the single mother who lives next door to sad-sack Henry's (Luke Wilson) La Mirada tract house, where some fairly unusual occurrences are taking place in the stucco, in "Henry Poole Is Here.
With less than four percent of our nation's ancient and old-growth forest still surviving, the law put much of the virgin forest, including dwindling stands of 2,000-year-old redwoods, at great risk of becoming tract house decking.
Others are more saturnine: A sidewalk stretches into pitch-black; the facade of a tract house fades behind a chain-link fence; a tall, flowering weed on the side of the road casts a small shadow on the dirt and gravel below.
Ordinary people, "with nothing more to recommend them except their habits of hard work," could now purchase a simple tract house, and thus become full-fledged participants in the American Dream, a dream which has become, for many, a nightmare.
When that happens, a company's elegant construction can suddenly looks like a tract house with a lot of jerry-rigged additions.
I got here first, and rented a tract house south of San Francisco.
Three of the paintings are canvases molded to resemble the kind of drapes you would find in a suburban tract house, and each appears to be pulled tightly shut over a window, as if to prevent nosy neighbors from peering inside.
An an only child, she lives with her peppy, well-meaning mother (Laurence Fevrier) and loving but taciturn father (Patrick Prejean) in a tract house in a sterile 'burb.
As soon as she walked into the 1955 midcentury modern tract house in Tarzana, she immediately saw the potential in its vaulted ceilings and open floor plan.
BEFORE: Cut-and-fill grading created a building pad for this tract house in Northridge, California, but left an abrupt slope and wide-open view of the house.
Remodeling this tract house created a whole new look for living room, dining room, kitchen
An inventive remodel scheme took a post-World War II tract house back in time, turning it into a charming bungalow from the 1910s.
When I first met Richard Prince, in 1985, he was living-in a suburban tract house in Venice, California.
Adding a wall hid this New Mexico tract house from the street and gave it a contemporary flair