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having no tracks


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Ruscha has been evoking presence and absence, hope and letdown ever since his photographs of gas stations and the notches of empty LA parking lots promised the tracklessness of an encounter in the dark and obeyed the impulse to commemorate it.
The country, with its mysteries, frightened her--its tracklessness and shifting skies, night cries and octopus-armed vegetation.
Although she later acutely suggests that K "finds a way to reclaim displacement, invisibility, tracklessness as a form of freedom" (52-53), early on in her essay Barnard suggests that Coetzee's response to this forgetting is a simple act of recovery: "Coetzee renders visible the places that the system would rather keep out of sight and mind" (36).
While the metaphor of Fleur's tracklessness can suggest pessimism regarding cultural preservation, the narrative that conveys the (non)image of tracklessness also cancels it.
She writes, "Fleur's disappearance and tracklessness at the end of the novel function as a present absence - her absence becomes a haunting presence in the narrative, signifying the need for a reconceptualization of history, for a new historicity that both refers to the past and makes a space for what can never be known of it" (987).