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the pursuit (of a person or animal) by following tracks or marks they left behind

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According to Jerry Gabig, the CEO of Q-Track, NFER(TM) technology is more accurate, as well as less expensive, than other commercial wireless tracking technologies.
Satellite tracking AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) solutions are too expensive.
As all marketers know, any increase in targetability increases campaign ROI, and we believe our Geo Tracking capability will be embraced by the industry," said Ross Kramer, president of Listrak.
The Citadel, set in the heart of a strong military community, will be decked-out for the holidays in dazzling North Pole Tracking Station decor throughout the property, complete with reindeer assistants clad in official attire and NORAD patches.
Code defines a tracking device as an electronic or mechanical device that permits the tracking of the movement of a person or object.
To achieve this, data track widths below 10 um and closed loop tracking of under 100 nm will be required.
In September 2000, after 18 months of review, the Pew Environmental Health Commission released a report on the state of environmental public health in the United States (Environmental Health Tracking Project Team 2000).
Companies that issue tracking stocks usually have several different valuations or are in a time of transition," says Michael Christmas, vice president of investments in the Chicago office of Salomon Smith Barney and a member of the Coalition of Black Investors.
A tracking stock--also called a lettered stock or targeted stock--is a special class or a corporation's voting common stock that is tied to the earnings performance of a distinct business unit.
today announced TRACK-ONE(TM) tracking software, a high level, customizable, PC-based database for tracking, storing, retrieving and handling bar code and text data.
Tracking is a system; untracking is a leap of faith.
Tracking the underwater wanderings of whales can be a tricky business.
Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS) announced today that Christiana Care Health System of Delaware has selected the company's Amelior Tracker[TM] automatic tracking software to improve workflow within the surgical services departments at 780 bed Christiana Hospital and 291 bed Wilmington Hospital.
In this article we describe the methodologic approaches of the Pew Environmental Health Commission at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health used to identify priority environmental health conditions and develop recommendations to establish a national environmental public health tracking network.
The SDLT 320 format uses a radically different approach to servo tracking.
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