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His employer later left the country and deposited his workers' passports with an agent, who the Indian Embassy managed to track down.
One of the challenges was to track down Mike Carroll and ask him for KOTR advice.
But when a worksheet is large and contains many complex formulas, it's difficult to track down a particular link.
George had a brother called Joe who lived in Freehold Street, Quorn, and a sister called Carrie Fisher, who is the person Mrs Wade is attempting to track down.
John Watson, who one hundred years later is finally able track down and identify the flaunting, homicidal ghost.
But after learning of the ring's value from a local jeweler, they decided to track down the previous owners of their home, Bill and Marlene Kiraly.
William Mapother, left, Rex Linn and Justin Chambers try to track down an infamous San Francisco serial killer in ``The Zodiac.
Author Peter Blecha is an obsessive music collector and former senior curator of the Experience Music Project: he's spent his lifetime haunting used record shops and antique stores to track down rarities and instruments played by rock's greatest icon, and here provides a lively blend of music history and first- person adventure in the search for elusive music memorabilia.
We need permission from publishers, journals, professors, and we need to track down the rights and the authors" to print materials for course packs, Archer says.
Now the Beeb is desperate to track down the classic tapes after the success of the new series of Dr Who, starring Christopher Eccleston.
Beat bobby PC Kevin Stockley took less than a day to track down the culprits who damaged the health centre on Lowfields Avenue.
Through such research, they were able to find not only census and city directory listings, but to track down Wilson's death record.
They can also track down commercial manuals for many cleaners when no Army pub is available.
The remaining children from the home have been placed with social services and authorities are trying to track down the children in the US and have them returned.
With the goal of developing more-sensitive screens for detecting cancer, scientists have now used quantum dots to track down and light up cancer cells in mice.