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Synonyms for tracing

the act of drawing a plan or diagram or outline

a drawing created by superimposing a semitransparent sheet of paper on the original image and copying on it the lines of the original image


Related Words

the discovery and description of the course of development of something

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The How to Guide for Tracing African-American and West Indian Roots Back to Africa and Going There--For Free or on a Shoestring Budget by James E.
Nevertheless, Detective Lawrence Hastings forwarded the firearms to the ATF National Tracing Center in West Virginia.
Multiple sales forms remain on file locally and at the ATF National Tracing Center.
To summarize our previous comments, we believe that an administrable, evenhanded, and fair tracing regime can be developed.
GTViewer Makes Network Tracing an Important Part of Mobile Computing for GIS
Like 400 other Germans here in this small town in central Germany, Jeck works for the International Tracing Service, an institution formed in 1946 by the Allies and run since 1955 by the Swiss-based International Committee of the Red Cross to document and identify the victims of Nazi persecution.
1502-20 should be extended to provide more time for taxpayers to sell loss subsidiaries and avail themselves of the more precise tracing rules of Temp.
SNP supports tracing processor, bus, or general on-chip systems operations, across either synchronous or asynchronous domains.
Making PowerTheater 65 more "silicon-aware," the company has improved the tool's clock gating, clock tracing, and clock power reporting capabilities.
Built on Philips industry-leading IntelliVue patient monitoring platform, Avalon FM20 antepartum monitors and Avalon FM30 intrapartum monitors use three channels of high-quality ultrasound tracing and check coincidence between the heart rates of the mother and all fetuses to help ensure each fetus is being monitored.
The leading Java application performance test and management solution (APTM), JXInsight, provides an extensible distributed tracing, profiling and transaction event pattern analysis platform.
In addition to tracing code flow, the trace can also display load/store cycles, which are useful in seeing code and data flow as the code executes, and what conditional code and variable values caused the changes.
Vigilistics, a company serving the dairy and food processing industries, announced configurable software for tracking, tracing, and analysis of process manufacturing.