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a chronic contagious viral disease marked by inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye and the formation of scar tissue

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This milestone highlights what is possible when partners work together toward a common goal and signifies remarkable achievement in our fight to eliminate trachoma globally, said Virginia Sarah, chair, International Coalition for Trachoma Control, an alliance of organizations committed to supporting national program efforts in more than 30 countries to eliminate trachoma using the SAFE strategy, an approach that includes antibiotic treatment.
collaboration with Global Trachoma Mapping Project of WHO, Sightsavers, FHF and CBM for Trachoma survey in remaining districts of the country.
Atif Al Amin Ahmed, the federal coordinator of the trachoma control campaign, said surveys conducted in the state show that 10% of those surveyed are affected and that recommendations by the World Health Organization have called for free distribution of the treatment.
Trachoma is the biggest cause of infectious blindness worldwide, with around 232 million people at risk.
gt; $400 - Provides 10 people with essential eye surgery to ensure they do not go blind due to trachoma
The authors postulated that the AZT/artesunate showed treatment failure because MDA for trachoma in Tanzania could have led to localized Plasmodium spp.
Amhara is one of the most trachoma-endemic regions of the world, where about nine million children aged one to nine are affected by trachoma.
4 million) over five years with the money used by the Trust to deliver projects in Africa tackling trachoma, the world's leading infectious cause of blindness, and others in India combating the loss of sight in premature babies caused by sub-standard care or infections.
A microorganism -- Chlamydia Trachomatis -- causes a disease called trachoma which can lead to blindness if ignored for a long time.
John O'Brien from Terenure, Dublin, is transporting a specially-adapted van to reach people in danger of losing their sight from trachoma.
Consultant Ophthalmic surgeon Claire Morton, who runs the Eye Link alongside her work at the Stanley Eye Unit in Abergele, said: "People are going blind because of treatable conditions, like cataracts, glaucoma and trachoma, a tropical disease.
If you were suffering from Trachoma, what would you have lost?
Chlamydia is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis, the same bacterium that causes trachoma, a type of infectious blindness that occurs primarily in rural settings in developing countries, but can appear in crowded cities in impoverished neighborhoods where poor hygiene is present.
New commitments from partners will close the funding gap to eradicate Guinea worm disease and expedite progress toward the 2020 goals of elimination for lymphatic filariasis, blinding trachoma, sleeping sickness and leprosy, and control of soil-transmitted helminthes, schistosomiasis, river blindness, Chagas disease and visceral leishmaniasis.
This randomized study on trachoma, the leading cause of infection-caused blindness in the world, could potentially treat twice the number of patients using the same amount of medication.