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decoration consisting of an open pattern of interlacing ribs

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From the bridge of the Tryapsic, the high place he had gained in the competition of men, he stared at Dublin harbour opening out, at the town obscured by the dark sky of the dreary wind-driven day, and at the tangled tracery of spars and rigging of the harbour shipping.
Here and there, near the glistening blackness of the water, a twisted root of some tall tree showed amongst the tracery of small ferns, black and dull, writhing and motionless, like an arrested snake.
Far aslant across the city, over its jumbled roofs, and through the open tracery of its church towers, struck the long bright rays, bars of the prison of this lower world.
It was carved richly out of ebony by his own hand, and inlaid with a fanciful tracery of pearl, representing a boy in pursuit of a butterfly, which, elsewhere, had become a winged spirit, and was flying heavenward; while the boy, or youth, had found such efficacy in his strong desire that he ascended from earth to cloud, and from cloud to celestial atmosphere, to win the beautiful.
These fancies would have been in no way strange, since the walls of every mind are decorated with some such tracery, but she found herself suddenly pursuing such thoughts with an extreme ardor, which became a desire to change her actual condition for something matching the conditions of her dream.
Ignoring evidence that Dickinson had merely renewed medieval stonework, he rebuilt (under a close hoarding) both rose window and gable tracery to his own design.
The capilla or mortuary chapel located at the center of the cemetery is of neo-Gothic style with Byzantine walls and columns, the latter being pointed and extends beyond the edge of the roof is also of neo-Gothic form, same with the door and windows with stone tracery work.
Traditional architecture facades exhibiting such skills as fresco, mirror work, marble inlay, tile mosaic and stucco tracery are also displayed.
All work shall be executed by craftsmen skilled in the trade with a minimum of 15 years working experience in the art of hot forged, hand wrought scrollwork and tracery.
The result is often a slender, elegant, and fragile looking tracery of transparent strands.
The big east window had to be completely removed and and all the stone tracery replaced, then the glass was cleaned and re-fitted to the new window.
Top right: Saint German Console Table, | PS1,585; The Cordon Bois Ottoman, PS925; Tracery Table Lamp, PS295; Vouvant Mirror, PS195, Ophelia Cushion Cover, Large, PS65; OKA (www.
And what flowers too - soft silvery blue with an intricate tracery of darker lines and egg-yolk yellow centres.
Though the design of great cathedral windows certainly had an impact on window tracery in small churches, says retired architect Hart, he believes that other influences were also at work and perhaps more powerfully.
Inside the church in this third trench, further investigation has revealed some large fragments of window tracery which could well relate to the east window, behind the high altar.