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Synonyms for toxicant

capable of injuring or killing by poison

Synonyms for toxicant

any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living organism

having the qualities or effects of a poison


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Gold nanoparticles create red color after combining with the toxicant and the color is visible by naked eye too.
Laboratory tests show that the technologies successfully reduce levels of some, though not all, toxicants in smoke.
They fight it with various toxicants, including chlorine and potassium salts.
Oryazlin: 112 gallons; possible carcinogen, blood toxicant, skin sensitizer
The quest to establish general principles of mechanism for both known and potential toxicants is a central challenge that fuels investigations in toxicological research.
The NIH also expects to invest in and develop four new environmental monitoring tests and devices each year to measure toxicant exposures, dietary intake, and physical activity, and to determine individuals' biological responses to those influences.
While polyurethane floor finishes don't emit the toxicant, he found, the more durable acid-cured resin finishes do.
Second, a team of physician scientists, research scientists trained in the basic biomedical disciplines, and public health researchers will work collaboratively to use toxicant exposures or environmental perturbations to understand human disease.
Until recently, TCDD was considered the most potent dioxinlike toxicant.
8 million contract with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to use gene expression profiling methods to measure the physiological effects of a toxicant, drug or pesticide on an organism.
However, if DJ-1 stops working--because of either an inherited mutation or toxicant exposure-oxidative stress may wreak havoc on the brain, killing dopamine-producing neurons.
And there were hundreds of reported oil and toxicant spills--including gas that may have seeped from an estimated 350,000 swamped cars--as well as drowned industrial and toxic waste dumps.
Little's worst-case analyses indicate that people showering for 10 minutes in water containing this VOC would inhale 50 percent more of the potential toxicant than they would ingest by drinking two liters of that water.
Fourth are interdisciplinary approaches to the development of intervention and prevention strategies to alter the progression of environmentally induced human disease: 1) identification of novel compounds or engineering of biocompatible materials that protect against, inhibit, or reverse toxicant actions and their validation in disease relevant settings; 2) development of mechanistically derived prevention strategies and application of them in populations with known genetic susceptibility to environmental stressors.