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Synonyms for toxicant

capable of injuring or killing by poison

Synonyms for toxicant

any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living organism

having the qualities or effects of a poison


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24 ( ANI ): Turns out, switching from smoking to glo significantly reduces exposure to toxicants.
The research team reviewed 542 scientific articles potentially relevant to cigarette and hookah smoking and ultimately narrowed them down to 17 studies that included sufficient data to extract reliable estimates on toxicants inhaled when smoking cigarettes or hookahs.
4) Environmental exposure (subjects declared the distance between their living place and potential pesticides/herbicides or pollutants sources, toxicants use/exposure for leisure or hobbies; both occupational and environmental exposure were considered as categorical variables (exposed: [greater than or equal to] 10 years of exposure); indeed, because of the nature of the data collection (self-reported, retrospective), it was not possible to quantify the exposure precisely [10]); (5) personal habits (subjects declared the smoking status (according the WHO definitions: never-smoker, former-smoker, and current-smoker [11]), the alcohol consumption (no consumption, up to 200 mL/day, and between 200 and 500 mL/day)).
That finding is generally consistent with other studies that have found this pathway plays a role in various bodily responses to PCBs and other toxicants.
Toxic chemicals may be referred to as either toxins (toxic chemicals produced by living systems such as plants or animals) or toxicants (the remainder of toxic chemicals).
Aquatic organisms that don't filter feed, as mussels do, would take in only inconsequential amounts of the toxicant, he adds.
Norflurazon: 332 pounds; possible carcinogen, birth defects, reproductive toxicant
Creosote was the only toxicant that significantly affected the cytotoxic activity of hemocytes toward either K562 or RRBC targets (Table IV).
There are many methods to detect this toxicant, but in addition to high costs, these methods are time-consuming and require skillful and expert people to carry out the tests.
Washington, Mar 26 ( ANI ): Researchers have shown in their first clinical study of their novel prototype cigarettes that it is possible to reduce smokers' exposure to certain smoke toxicants.
Although environmental health research contributes to understanding key factors relevant to some infectious diseases, environmental health research and practice predominantly focus on chemical and physical agents, in spite of the inherent role of the environment in pathogen dynamics and host response, and the potential for several major toxicant exposures to cause immunotoxic changes in hosts that reduce the threshold for infection, increase the persistence of an infection, increase pathogen shedding, and alter the severity and burden of infections disease.
In one study, ozone appeared to be a culprit behind diminished sperm counts, suggesting that it's a "sperm toxicant," say Rebecca Z.
Classic reductionist thinking in toxicology focuses on 'one toxicant, one outcome' research," the authors write.
Chapters are in sections on methodology, toxicant processing, mechanisms, and target organs.
However, DEHP in neonates is a special concern because "it is a reproductive and developmental toxicant in laboratory animals," says study author Russ Hauser of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.