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a site where toxic wastes have been dumped and the Environmental Protection Agency has designated them to be cleaned up

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The format for an investigation of the estimated 350+ American military toxic sites in Afghanistan is well-known.
And a Bill currently before the American Congress, which would provide money for people affected by illnesses, does not include those who have fallen ill after working at the toxic site where the Twin Towers once stood.
On my last day in Pandacan, I was told: "Remember, this is more than a toxic site.
Campaign group Community Concern says the area will become a nuclear "orphan" - a US term for a toxic site left behind by a company.
TOXIC: Samples are bagged; POISONED LAND: The toxic site next to Celtic Park;
These durable materials have been designed to withstand the toughest jobs, including toxic site clean up, emergency response, cleanroom and general industrial uses.
Boeing is talking to Schwarzenegger's staffers, and we have no way of knowing how much the governor himself really knows about this toxic site.
Prospective real estate investors will find this easy-to-use toxic site map invaluable.
And, in the meantime, the people living and working around Cobh have this toxic site on their doorstep.
Seelye of The New York Times, who reports a new policy on toxic site cleanup: "The Bush administration has decided to designate fewer sites for restoration and shift the burden of cost from industry to taxpayers.
I AM proud to say that I am the Friends of the Earth campaigner who was asked to leave the Llandudno Council meeting before it voted to dump kids on the most toxic site in town (Daily Post, November 2).
Three factors militated strongly against them - tv globalism, the poached-egg nature of the programme and the toxic site, which made obliteration of history a matter of public safety.
At that point, Republican members of Congress were unwilling to press forward on any toxic site legislation unless all Superfund-related programs were re-evaluated.
One way to evaluate the social benefits obtained by removing a toxic site is to look at the impact of the site on adjacent house values over the period of adjustment.
Last week, Administrator Pruitt signed a Record of Decision that approved a $115 million cost-effective cleanup plan of the toxic site that will completely remove highly contaminated material from the site and secure the less contaminated areas.