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Synonyms for townspeople

the people living in a municipality smaller than a city

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The local police chief praised the help of the internet as well as the warm local community, saying that in less than 36 hours, Chan not only got great help from sympathetic townspeople but also went home safely.
The town's only profitable source of income is by way of the local sanitarium, known as "The Cookie Jar,'' whose inmates look in better shape than the disgruntled, impoverished townspeople.
This is the third supportive housing property acquired, rehabbed and operated by Townspeople, bringing its inventory to 66 units located in District 3, the poorest of all San Diego City Districts.
New in town and up to no good, Wisdom Kid offers quick and easy advice by manipulating traditional Jewish stories--and logic itself--to trick the townspeople out of their money and their possessions.
The notables saw the townspeople as potentially alternative sources of leadership and particularly dangerous rivals.
To warn the townspeople to prepare for battle, six members of the anti-Minh group arrived just before dawn, and each member stamped a warning sign on Minh's face.
They should allow a cooperative of traders and townspeople to buy and manage it.
TOWNSPEOPLE in Beaumar is will be dressing up in fancy dress at its annual Victorian Christmas charity event.
And with the backing of townspeople, the district and the region, it's possible to deliver it too.
Big excursion of students and townspeople to see football game; Nearly 400 students and townspeople went to Portland on the noon train today to see the big football game between the University of Oregon and the Multnomah Club teams.
For that last stop in Oregon, "we planted our trees amidst the release of white doves, llamas standing guard, schoolchildren milling around eating special cookies that we brought for them, all the townspeople, and Abraham Lincoln dressed just like he did in 1781, top hat and all.
Thousands of townspeople turned out to greet the two stars and Miss Loren said after the day's filming, "It was just like Naples.
When more alien parasites begin attacking the townspeople, the sheriff realises it's up to him to stop the creepy critters in their tracks and save the town.
The students put on plays which drew audiences from the local townspeople.