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Synonyms for townsman

a person from the same town as yourself

a resident of a town or city

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The situation grew so bad that the townsmen send an emissary to seek advice from a wise, but distant, sage.
74) The main participants in the auctions were Komaritskaia canton residents and Sevsk townsmen and clerks.
TRIPOLI (TAP) - Libya's defence minister held talks on Wednesday with townsmen at Bani Walid, a former stronghold of Muammar Gaddafi where local fighters drove out a pro-government militia this week.
Yemenis came out in their millions -- men, and women, teenagers and children; townsmen were joined by unarmed tribesman (remarkable in the second most heavily armed country in the world), and then eventually by the Political Opposition.
Threats from militant Kurds, he complained, discourage townsmen from renting him their properties and nourish suspicion against Kurds supporting the AKP.
Other social classes - the peasants, the townsmen (merchants and craftsmen), the lesser gentry, and the small landholders - had no stake in the Golden Freedom of the moguls.
It reminds me of the Biblical incident where the townsmen were all too eager to stone an adulterous woman, little realising that no man is a saint.
The mayor of Zabrdeni sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense, in which he stresses that "89 percent of his fellow townsmen are still summoned to court and are still pressurized because of their attempt to stall last year's drill at the assault course.
Many successful townsmen, as they grew older, took Buddhist vows.
Most were wealthy townsmen who had "retired" to rural estates as gentlemen farmers or were active town businessmen and merchants (some of whom owned farms).
On Easter Monday, 1643, a company of Parliamentarians (Roundheads), aided by local townsmen, attempted to stop the Royalists, led by the German blueblood, Prince Rupert, from riding through Brum.
The company, which numbered over 250, comprised members of the Newport Athletic Club, the Rockcliff football team, which played at Newport during the day, and a large number of well-known townsmen of Newport.
Though his visit to this medieval town near Brussels was rather brief, it delivered a lasting impression on the townsmen.
Todd, his faithful dog (whose thoughts can also be heard), and the girl, Viola, go on the run, pursued by a grim army of townsmen, and discover there's much more to New World than Todd had ever expected.
Recently, two townsmen took it upon themselves to flood the common so that children could enjoy skating during their February vacation.