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Synonyms for townsfolk

the people living in a municipality smaller than a city

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Meet the townsfolk as you follow one of the family trails including High Days and Holidays, Fashion Folly and Selfie Points of Interest, which lead you to special places where a small selfie icon is hidden.
Ultimately the film is a frippery - with so many caricatures among its chorus of disapproving townsfolk and no clear message about love and loss, bullying or ageing.
Still, even after Marjorie's body turns up in the freezer and Bernie confesses to shooting her four times in the back, the townsfolk refuse to abandon their beloved Bernie.
With a broad grin Herbert offers just that--and when the enlightened townsfolk, with understanding welcome Miss Spoon into their lives, jubilation reigns.
Standing shoulder to shoulder with my fellow townsfolk as we honour Britain's fallen heroes has become part of my life but I'll never get used to it.
As a town councillor of 13 years standing, I know Machynlleth and its people well enough to know that to really get the mood of our townsfolk you need to be out and about, meeting them.
In the parable about the boy who cried "wolf," repeated false alarms deafened the townsfolk to pleas for help when the real threat arrived.
Townsfolk didn't seem too perturbed, although one resident told the local paper that he was concerned about the policeman's welfare.
A print of one of his most famous pieces of work, of Llanelli townsfolk celebrating after their team beat the All Blacks in 1972, is going on sale.
Jasper's accused killer was nearly lynched by the townsfolk, yet ultimately lived to the age of ninety-one.
The townsfolk are skeptical about Afar's true origins.
A racing fan, Jared has already earned brownie points among the townsfolk with his first charity event last Saturday, which raised around pounds 220 for Racing Welfare, who will also benefit from the Chas & Dave night that is next on the agenda.
It may not seem like much, but with a physician costing as much as twice the amount of a surgeon, townsfolk had to decide whether they could afford the luxury of both or make do with just a surgeon.
One example of her joy in reconstructing Hurston's relationship to the South lies in her revelations about the townsfolk of Sanford, Florida.