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resident of a college town not affiliated with the college


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Garfield Refining Company, a refiner of precious metals, has received the 2013 Townie Choice Award for the third consecutive year.
It takes many chapters for this book to work through its macho theme, but Townie is, at bottom, about what it means to become a mature man.
manufacturers of retro-inspired cruisers, children's bikes, and Townies.
Ironically, it is Townie who could provide one of the biggest threats today - and he is coming back from an even longer layoff.
This year's award is the seventh consecutive Townie Choice Award for the popular dental innovation.
Critique: a terrifically entertaining and compelling read from first page to last, "My Townie Heart" clearly documents author Diana Sperrazza as an especially gifted storyteller.
Stubbornly, determinedly, he'd tried to discount his hunch about Kieran, telling himself that the boy was a townie through and through, and therefore hardly likely to react to his surroundings in the way Olwen had.
Many of us would find that distressing; yet while our seabird populations are crashing due to over fishing, pollution and loss of nest sites all we hear in the media are complaints about townie gulls.
A councillor, MP or other townie has no idea what living in the wilds requires.
Is it because they know that the townie taxpayers they so despise will compensate them without question?
Lucky for him he has also met Liz, a townie, whose company he enjoys and who has volunteered to give him pointers for "getting the girl.
This when he's not ripping off his dangerous townie supplier (Clifton Collins Jr.
Morlock is taking advantage of the fact that Townie has been hoisted 8lb in future handicaps.
a leading dental equipment manufacturer has been recognized by Dentaltown's 2011 Townie Choice Awards as Best in Profession for Compressors and Suction Equipment.
I LIVE in the country so my fab Ducati does me just fine, but if I was a townie I'd have something like Honda's new S-Wing scooter.