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the official who keeps a town's records

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Kelly has demonstrated an impressive commitment to serving her community through her time as town clerk, as well as through volunteer and other civic commitments.
Wendy Pattison, Berwick Town Council's acting town clerk, accused two unnamed councillors of sending her "aggressive and bullying emails".
The assembly listed records revealing that the CID unit in the state and town clerk have been involved in illegal collection of taxes without previous authorization from the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry.
Denys Chapman, who was appointed deputy town clerk at Solihull Council in 1952 before becoming town clerk in 1965, died last month.
But he still has some way to go to beat the record which is still held by Charles Simpson who was town clerk of the city for 53 years in the 19th century.
New York's passage of the same-sex marriage law last month has put the state's 932 town clerks on the front lines.
IN his role as Merthyr Tydfil town clerk at the time, Selwyn Jones' response to the Aberfan disaster has been described as "pivotal".
WATCHING on TV the 'state funeral' of George Best, I noticed the Lord Mayor of Belfast was accompanied by the town clerk in wig and gown.
Doug Johnstone, town clerk of Provincetown, says his community is moving forward because of what he calls "an absence of any guidance" from state officials.
Susan Hafter, town clerk of Malone, New York, recently received an envelope with a Colorado postmark that contained a $100 check and a note.
We are also fortunate that our town clerk is one of the few clerks with full qualifications.
Mayor Stan Williams, who kicked his wife out after learning of her affair with a local dignitary, has now sacked his deputy Sheila Poupard after claims she was being "too friendly" with the new town clerk.
The third candidate on the ballot for the May 19 annual town election seeking to replace retiring Town Clerk Ellen C.
The governor also chose Max Yousif Kalfalo as the Kapeota south town clerk with Alphonse Erenge as his deputy.