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(nautical) a rope used in towing

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It has now been told to make improvements by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which reported: "The towline .
The buck acted like he was on a towline and followed the doe as she zigzagged across the small clearing as though she didn't know where she wanted to end up.
The nylon towline swished through a very small community, scaring the wits out of the local folks.
They want international standards for tug towline emergency release systems and have made safety recommendations to Clydeport.
The ground station had two poles with the towline looped tightly between them.
When the pilot in charge of the operation heard Stephen's message, he told him to release his towline.
A personal watercraft (jet ski) was used to pull the seine parallel to shore at a distance of approximately 50 m and the free towline was then brought to shore approximately 50 m southeast of the deployment point and both ends were pulled evenly onto shore by hand until the seine was completely out of the water.
8) With an integrated tug-barge, the tug is connected to the barge via a rigid or articulated connector, rather than by a towline, allowing the barge to be pushed rather than towed.
A kite's shape, size, weight, towline attachment, and tail length influence its flight pattern and stability.
During the perilous rescue Helmsman Jones managed to manoeuvre her lifeboat through standing waves of up to four metres, throwing a towline across to the stricken crew.
The towline eventually snapped under the stress of 20-foot to 30-foot waves; however the valuable daylight hours allowed for the rescue of most of the crew off the sinking ship.
Aileen and colleagues Simon Emms, 28, Steven Knipe, 32, and Mark Burtonwood, 19, attempted to connect a towline, but it broke in the rough conditions.
Twice the lifeboat crew managed to connect a towline - and landed a crewman on board the vessel to give medical help.