towel bar

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a horizontal bar a few inches from a wall for holding towels


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I stared at the towel bar guiltily I had meant to change it for a grab bar.
The 16"-tall M-8095 features a clock radio in the base and the M-8010 Floor Stand Mirror has a glass vanity tray, towel bar, hair dryer caddy and built-in outlet--all within a space no larger than a footprint.
Put up a very fancy gold-framed mirror and a gold ornate towel bar.
Never use a grab bar as a towel bar (to avoid grabbing for an unstable towel in place of the grab bar or vice versa).
Removing a broken or outdated surface-mounted towel bar or soap dish is easy.
She spent about $950 on high-impact accessories like a towel bar, toilet-paper holder, soap rack, and shelf at a designer boutique.
Dacor's pull-out electric warming oven features a towel bar handle, automatic timer shutoff, and full extension drawer guides.
Springs is also making a big splash on its Palace bath label by adding a wall mount fixture for a soap dish, tumbler and toothbrush holder combination, as well as a robe hook, towel ring, towel bar and toilet paper holder.
With the sink located between the tub and the toilet, there is not a side wing wall available to mount a towel bar, medicine chest, or even an electrical outlet.
Plus, you can fit in several hooks--and hang more towels--in the same space a towel bar would take.
The towel bar is actually a vinyl-coated steel handrail (an inexpensive shower rod would work well, too).
Included in the collection are 18-inch and 24-inch towel bars, 24-inch double towel bar, towel ring, single-post tissue roll holder, new pivoting double-post tissue roll holder and robe hook with prices ranging from $17 to $66.
Choose a premade towel bar from the company's Web site or have a custom towel bar created for you by sending in your favorite nonbiodegradable material to fill the rods.