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The moment that von Horn and the girl were entirely concealed by the darkness, the seven moved cautiously along the shadow of the palisade toward the north campong.
It was such a pack of scoundrels that Bududreen led toward the north campong to bear away the treasure.
Momentarily stunned, Gahan's fingers slipped from their hold upon the cordage and the man shot downward through the thin air of dying Mars toward the ground three thousand feet beneath, while upon the deck of the rolling Vanator his faithful warriors clung to their lashings all unconscious of the fate of their beloved leader; nor was it until more than an hour later, after the storm had materially subsided, that they realized he was lost, or knew the self-sacrificing heroism of the act that had sealed his doom.
Always, in the beginning, before his conscious life dawned, he had crawled toward the mouth of the cave.
With a quick sign to the other, he ceased speaking, and advancing toward the girl, motioned her to rise.
Once he started toward the north in response to a sudden determination to continue his way to the west coast.
The party came rapidly toward the opening of the passageway in which I crouched against the wall.
A moment later a horde of terrified natives burst from the jungle, racing toward the shelter of their huts.
cried Tardos Mors, and a moment later we fell back toward the runway that led to the floors above.
Juag again turned toward me, but this time in sur-prise.
Our bow was pointed straight toward the U-boat now as I heard word passed to the engine for full speed ahead.
In their anxiety to escape, many of the blacks scaled the palisade, while others tore down the bars from the gates and rushed madly across the clearing toward the jungle.
La raised her slender arm and pointed toward the sun.
Before the ape drank he cautioned the boy to be watchful; but as he drank he raised his head from time to time to cast a quick glance toward a clump of bushes a hundred yards away upon the opposite side of the water hole.
I did not dare to go back towards the pit, but I felt a pas- sionate longing to peer into it.