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Synonyms for tourniquet

bandage that stops the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure

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Data regarding the surgical procedure, type of anesthesia, tourniquet time, complications, and demographic information were collected.
In the next six minutes it took for emergency medical services to arrive, officers provided immediate lifesaving treatment to the victims, using tourniquets and combat gauze from their trauma kits.
A pneumatic tourniquet is a required equipment item that must be used to administer a Bier block.
He applied a tourniquet then heaved him over his shoulder.
A case of rhabdomyolysis associated with use of a pneumatic tourniquet during arthroscopic knee surgery.
One said, "I took off my belt and went to put it around someone's leg, but then I saw they already had a tourniquet.
The IFAK II contains all the supplies of the old kit with the addition of a second tourniquet, a tactical combat casualty card to annotate what kind of first aid was applied to a wounded Soldier, a marker, an eye shield, a rubber seal with a valve for sucking chest wounds, and a strap cutter.
He says a good Samaritan made a tourniquet out of a belt for the woman.
has adopted the HemaClear single-use, sterile tourniquet device for bloodless orthopedic procedures.
Husband Dave, 70, turned his belt into a tourniquet and paramedics used battlefield equipment to stem the blood loss.
The lad would most likely have died had it not been for a passer-by who used his T-shirt as a makeshift tourniquet to stem the blood loss.
They helped him use a stick and one of the pet's leads to make a tourniquet to stem the flow of blood.
Summary: A British man who was mauled by a shark, was saved by quick-thinking bystanders who applied a makeshift tourniquet.
A BRITISH shark attack victim whose leg was bitten off was saved by quick-thinking bystanders who applied a makeshift tourniquet, a surgeon said.
Medics stabilised him and battled to save his life, taking him into surgery where the tourniquet was removed.