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inexpensive accommodations on a ship or train


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Tourist Class Seating is a result of a close collaboration between LIFT and Boeing, first announced in April 2016, to develop seats that are ergonomically optimized and designed for the Boeing Sky Interior, as well as for maintainability and reliability.
74) Tourist Class to all Europe, Cunard White Star.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) chocolates for both the Business Class & the Tourist Class, also (b) snacks & nuts for passengers of both classes.
Journalist Alberto Lotuf, who was travelling in tourist class, said: "It all started with a row between Diego and his girlfriend.
While some may view the fascination of the tourist class with global poverty as morally questionable, others see potential benefits.
Lisa and her family have a large first class cabin, and Sol and his parents are travelling below in tourist class.
Arsenal are in tourist class, Barcelona are in business class and any player would want to join us.
Whether you're looking for an inexpensive seat in Tourist class or all the extras, such as a la carte restaurant and bar service at your seat in Club class, you will certainly enjoy the ride, not to mention the beautiful scenic views en route
The fares include a tourist class return ticket, two-night stay in Manama
It is generally accepted that accommodations are rated as one of ten categories from Superior Deluxe to Moderate Tourist Class, in descending order (see Accommodation Rating Terms, as used in the Hotel and Travel Index).
There is a tourist class train through the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, and good, mid-range hotels in the town of Aguas Calientes below the ruins.
The flights are operated with Airbus A319, with 12 Executive Class seats and 108 Tourist Class seats, and will run daily between the two cities, leaving Mexico at 7 am and Miami at 6 pm.
Starting November 14 and 28, December 12 and 26 this year (with further trips in 2005), the land-only cost is pounds 660 per person, twin-share and includes accommodation nine nights' tourist class hotels, three nights' heritage hotels, two nights' sleeper trains, most breakfasts and selected other meals.
The Boeing 767-300ER has a capacity of 185 tourist class and 42 business class passengers.