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the business of providing services to tourists

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It details historical values for inbound tourism in the Netherlands for 2007-2011, along with forecast figures for 2012-2016
As the implementing agency of tourism policies, the functions of the Ghana Tourism Authority are expanded to sixteen Act 817 section (3).
Yahiah bin Amir al Kiyumi, head of the tourism minister s office said: This year will have lots of activities.
Tourism ecological footprint refers to the quantity ([hm.
According to the statistics of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), from the tourism industry growth perspectives point of view, Romania is ranked the seventh country from the total of 176 countries taken into consideration.
The development and promotion of alternative forms of tourism are among the tops priority of the state's strategy on tourism.
The island's government and the tourism industry are rushing to keep up, forging ahead with investments totaling more than $274 million for 2006.
In the case of tourism, that means out-of-town dollars coming in.
Tourism is one of the key areas identified in the City's strategic plan and their inventory of projects worth $211 million in public and private dollars that's expected to come online this year.
In Jamaica, this trend is beginning to reverse as the tourism industry begins to map out a sustainable future.
Tourism has been the perennial stepchild of the Japanese business world, never considered in the same league as banking or manufacturing or other sectors of the economy.
See America First: Tourism and National Identity, 1880-1940.
Tourism was one of terrorism's first casualties, and the folks in the hospitality industry were leaving a light on, hoping some generous traveler would come and stay the night.
Predicated on socio-economic changes in the more developed countries, international tourism in less developed countries has become an attractive option for economic development.
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