tour de force

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Synonyms for tour de force

a great or heroic deed

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a masterly or brilliant feat

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uk We help young people turn lives around TRACY Norris helps to organise the Tour De Force and knows better than most how it can help to transform the lives of vulnerable children.
Michael Leather, who is taking on the Tour de Force despite three previous accidents while canoeing, trekking and cycling, was the inspiration for the team signing up the event.
The officers will be joining the Tour de Forces cyclists for the Tenby-to-Porthcawl leg, setting set off from Tenby at 8am on October 1, and look to arrive in Porthcawl at 5pm.
It wouldn't be quite accurate to say that in its latest "reality TV" tour de force, The Osbournes, MTV has sunk to new lows.
In an impressive tour de force -- no chutzpah lost here -- Rosenthal begins with a chapter entitled "Jesus as Christ and More: The First Eighteen Centuries.
In these conditions, to stay on top of the current research in all its variety while also innovating within it year by year is a tour de force that precious few social or cultural historians can pull off any longer.
Ann Douglas's tour de force, Terrible Honesty: Mongrel Manhattan in the 1920s (Farrar Straus Giroux), provides a pulsing, detailed, and vivid portrait of New York City's ascendance as cultural capital of America during this era, and explores how achieving this position depended absolutely on the tangled and troubled interconnections between African-American culture and mainstream white culture.
With Tour de Force, organizers are aiming to make specialized training accessible to personnel that trainers may otherwise miss--sales clerks who would never have the chance to attend a major computer show, for example.
And this cornucopia of stories and facts, combined with a capable explanation of the economic forces changing television, makes Three Blind Mice a tour de force of reporting and an example of what business journalism should be.
SAN DIEGO -- Tour de Force and Active Network (NYSE: ACTV) today announced "Swim Bike Run with Lance & Friends" - an intimate training camp for cycling and triathlon enthusiasts around the world.
We had to Tackling Alps was too good to turn down MARIANNE Harpargow has already completed all 21 stages of the Tour de Force and enjoyed it so much she has signed up to take part in next year's event.
A TEAM of accountants from Leathers LLP are taking on the 3,355 km Tour de Force in celebration of 25 years in business.
The 52-year-old officer, along with Inspector Deirdre Gill, organises the gardai's Tour de Force charity cycle team.
Richard McCabe's King John is a tour de force as one of England's great anti-heroes.
The ultra-contemporary group will present three of Saarinen's works, including his signature solo, Hunt (2002), a tour de force of beautifully imbalanced movement set to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.