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a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness

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They sit better and blend in better than in days of old when a bad toupe screamed out that it was a bad one.
The marketing of Zomig, known generically as zolmitriptan, will also be under the jurisdiction of Toupe.
READING and listening to the arguments for and against whether Mick Jagger should be knighted, I just hope when he shakes the Queen's hand he doesn't lean forward too much that his toupe falls off.
Another wearer of the company product, Andy Evans of Macclesfield, had complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that his toupe kept splitting and falling off.
Bob wants to defend his title of Toupe Wearer Of The Year, but the house rat has stolen his wig.
She almost fell out of her gaping top when toupe tape on her chest gave way.
And whatever you do, don't be mistaken for a cheating conman with a toupe.
The wry script is present and the little oddities are there but it's rather too slow and the hero - wearing a dodgy toupe - just doesn't appeal.
7 WORK THE RED CARPET Even if you haven't made it on to the hallowed nominations list, you can still steal a bit of Oscar thunder with the right outfit, an eye-catching hairdo and some carefully positioned toupe tape.
Billy Connolly is a toupe salesman in An Everlasting Piece, while Robert De Niro plays a celebrity cop in Fifteen Minutes
For starters, anyone who reckons there were 55,117 fans inside Park head is lying like a bad toupe, even if that was the declared number of tickets sold rather than supporters in attendance.
David was adjusting his toupe and carefully applying mascara to his moustache.
My suggestion of hair extensions (rather like the ones that make Vanessa Feltz look like a dog's dinner) or a Terry Wogan toupe (that we could take off at night) proved impractical and we finally agreed to cosmetic surgery on the clear understanding that she wouldn't emerge looking like the canine equivalent of the Bride of Wildenstein.
Just remember to buy some toupe tape - the big secret celebs and stylists won't tell you.
Add a lugubrious hotel detective who as the years pass by trades in his ambitions for a toupe, and it is starting to sound more fun that it actually is.